2004, Dubai

YearHost CountryVenueDate FromDate To
2004 Dubai, UAE Al Bustan Hotel 1 April 4 April
Name Peter Tymms
Summary The computerisation of assessment, early identification of special needs, on-line learning, more child friendly societies and more educated populations
Name Peter Tymms
Summary How can International Schools get involved? What does monitoring tell us about standards over time and across countries: Have England's educational policies really had such an impact?
Name Prof John West-Burnham
Summary Leadership Issues and A Focus on classroom Practice
Name Mike Jeffries
Summary Into the Cognitive Age
Name Ruth Sutton
Summary The Process, The People, The Data
Report & Feedback
This conference was attended by over 40 of our member schools and 20 Associate members exhibited. With a reception at the Embassy, a Grandstand at the Nadd Al Sheba Racecourse, and a Dhow trip as well, it was all in all a very full and active programme which gave attendees a chance to enjoy not only the educaational sessions, but also enable them to experience life in Dubai.

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