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    November 2017
    November 2017

    Music & Drama Conference - November 2017

    Speaker(s) Matteo Marciano, Zeena Rasheed, Ron Malanga, Jo Lee, Russ Callaghan-Crooms, Keith Burt, Ruqaya Aamer
    Provider BSME In Collaboration with RhineGold
    Aimed at Music & Drama - Secondary Teachers
    School level All
    Hosted by: Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, Country: UAE - Dubai


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    BSME is honoured to be offering secondary Music & Drama Teachers a fantastic opportunity to attend a two day conference curated for teachers at KS3-5. The conference will run from the 22nd to the 23rd November 2017 at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

    The event will feature a unique selection of interactive workshops, seminars and lectures to invigorate your teaching, keep you up to date with current thinking in the sector and save you time by presenting a number of ready-to-go lesson plans, schemes of work and resources.

    With separate streams for music and drama, you will receive specialist training across KS3-5 material, covering:

    1) Practical activities, lesson plans and schemes of work ideas you can immediately take away and implement in the classroom.
    2) Insights into the latest research, educational trends and approaches.
    3) Advice and guidance on curriculum and assessment.
    4) Demonstrations of new and transformative technology and how to implement this in your department and productions.
    5) Lively discussion surrounding arts policy and funding and how best to advocate for your department.

    The entire conference programme is below, take a look for yourself to see the great line up of speakers and presenters!

    Co-curated with leading international show directors, RhineGold, the Music & Drama Education conference will present some of the top local and international pedagogues of our generation and will showcase the most up-to-date thinking and research in the sector.


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School level: All

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