Welcome to the Student events section

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer unique experiences for students to represent their school and participate in both competitive and non-competitive events with other school students across the Middle East. Our aim is to foster teamwork and determination, celebrate diversity within the region and provide every student the opportunity to be the best they can be.

Our Students programme is hosted by our wonderful member schools who strive to provide the best experience for our students. We actively encourage all of our member school to recommend new student opportunities and help us to grow our offerings to students.

Further information on our Student events and how to register can be found in the Student events section of the BSME website. Information is also distributed by email to the Principals of our member schools and the relevant Heads of Departments. 

If you would like to discuss any element of the Students opportunities, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Husain Shafei

BSME Students Coordinator

Tel: +973 17798408

Email: students@bsme.org.uk

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