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BSME offer a range of extra curricula activities that are designed to unite students across the Middle East. The purpose of organising these events is to offer children the opportunity to represent their school, to connect and engage with children from other countries and to participate in both competitive and non-competitive festival arenas. By providing wide-ranging opportunities in the fields of sports, academia and performing and creative arts, we are allowing students to showcase and cultivate their talents whilst demonstrating the importance of teamwork, determination and adaptability; life-long skills the students will nurture and develop throughout their educational journey.

An ISTA Theatre Festival, Music Festival, the prestigious Young Musicians of the Gulf and Debating Tournaments provide welcome cultural links across BSME schools. We’re working hard in line with the regional leaders to develop a structured programme and offer as many opportunities to our students as possible!

Our sporting events are, for many schools, the culmination of months of training effort and the pinnacle of the sporting year. Individual sport tournaments including netball, football, touch rugby, golf, swimming and triathlons are offered across the course of the year and feed well in to the popular multi-sport highlight of the year, the BSME Games. The BSME Games offer all member schools the opportunity to compete against other schools in the region and are the largest event its nature in the Middle East. We actively welcome all of our parents to attend our events; we’re very proud of what our students achieve and love to showcase their extraordinary achievements!

Details on our events and how to register is distributed by email to the Principals of our member schools and the relevant Heads of Departments. To discuss any of the events further or suggestions, please contact me by email: events@bsme.org.uk.

 Husain Shafei
 BSME Events Coordinator

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