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FLIPCON MIDDLE EAST - Flipped Learning!

Don't miss out on attending this exciting BSME CPD Course..... FLIPCON MIDDLE EAST - Flipped Learning Reach Every Student in Every Class – Every Day 20-22 January 2015 The Trainers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams are considered to be the pioneers in the Flipped Class Movement. Jon & Aaron are co-authors of the books, Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day and Flipped Learning – Gateway to St...
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Members Area : Conference 2015 Programme

Dear Members, The 2015 Annual Conference microsite has been updated with the Conference Programme (version 19/11/2014) and Conference Speaker Profiles. Please login to the Website (www.bsme.org.uk) and navigate to the Members Menu > Start Here > 2015 Annual Conference or click on the be...
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Education Investment MENA (10-13 Nov 2014, Dubai)

EdTech Seminars Please see below link to view details about the free to attend EdTech Seminars which will be held along with the Education Investment MENA conference on 11 and 12 November. These 14 free to attend seminars will host open, honest discussions about the challenges facing teachers with integrating edtech, and provide 14 simple strategies for improving learning experiences. The main objective of these seminars is to teach simple ...
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Member 2015 Annual Conference Booking Forms

Dear Members, The 2015 Annual Conference and hotel booking forms can now be accessed from the Members Area of the Website. Please login and navigate to the Members Menu > Start Here > 2015 Annual Conference or click on the link below: http://www.bsme.org.uk/member-start/annual-conference/member-booking-forms.html Conference information will be posted on the microsite as details become available. Please contact website@bsme.org.uk i...
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BSME Key Notes 34 & Annual Supplement

School Members Access Only Please login to www.bsme.org.uk and navigate to the Key Notes page in the Members Menu to access and download the BSME Key Notes (Number 34) and Annual Supplement for 2014-15. A direct link to the BSME Key Notes page is below : http://www.bsme.org.uk/member-start/bs...
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BSME 2014-15 Directory PDF Available to Download

BSME are pleased to announce the launch of the PDF electronic version of the 2014-15 Directory. Please follow the link below to download a copy : BSME 2014-15 Directory 9.3MB...
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BIS May/June 2014 Article : NQT Induction

A teacher can now serve their NQT induction in certain British Schools overseas. Ed Goodwin explains why this represents a beneficial opportunity for both parties and outlines the details of this relatively new initiative. (British International Schools Publication, May/June 2014, Pages 30/31). The full article can be downloaded by clicking on the below link: NQT Induction Article : British International Schools Publication - May/June 2014 P30/3...
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Successful Conference Charity Night!

BSME would like to thank all those who attended the BSME Annual Conference Charity Evening on 5th February, which was organised by Maureen Chapman and Sophie Fairbank from the Pearl Primary School in Abu Dhabi; it was another successful and fun event. In addition, a huge thanks to those who donated ...
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MEMBERS : 2014 Conference Survey Results

Dear Members, Please login to the BSME Website to view the 2014 Annual Conference Survey Results. Either navigate to the Annual Conference section in the Members' Menu or click on the link below: http://www.bsme.org.uk/member-start/annual-conference/survey-results.html Many thanks, BSME...
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Annual Conference 2014 Photos

The Annual Conference 2014 #BSMEconf2014 photographs are now live and ready for you to view! Please follow the link below : Annual Conference 2014 Photo Gallery...
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