BSME Honours Ed Goodwin

When Ed Goodwin was appointed Chairman in 2005, his vision for BSME was one of high quality British schools belonging to a globally recognised brand that had influence with both regional and UK governments.

This was certainly achieved with the implementation of the BSME accreditation, overseen by a UK approved inspectorate. Ed’s influence was again seen in the introduction of British Schools Overseas. He has also established strong links with other membership organisations, like IAPS, HMC and CIS, to mention but a few.

Significantly, Ed also established BSME in its own right as a limited company with a team of 7 full-time employees, serving the membership through services including CPD, student events and mentoring for Heads new to the region. Under his leadership, the membership of both schools and associate members has grown significantly.

Ed Goodwin has achieved so much as Chairman and has made the BSME a phenomenal force with a great reputation around the globe. In 2014, he was acknowledged in the Queen’s Honours with an OBE investiture for his services to British Education in Bahrain and throughout the Middle East. In recognition of his significant service to the organisation, BSME membership bestowed on Ed Goodwin the title of Honorary Fellow as well as instituting The BSME Ed Goodwin Award for Exceptional Service, for students making a contribution to their local or global community.

Eddie Liptrot has been with the International Schools Group (ISG) in KSA since 2013. He is now in transition from his role as Head of the ISG's Dhahran British Grammar School to become Superintendent and CEO of the whole of ISG. He has previously held substantial Headships in the UK and the Middle East. In addition, Eddie was adviser and development partner to a range of international schools, as part of a commercial international schools group, prior to joining ISG. Within this role he led in the founding of international schools which included opening a new international school in Moscow.

Eddie has worked extensively in building school leadership capacity; as an employee of The University of Manchester, he trained and assessed Headteachers and middle leaders in the UK, through partnership with the then National College for School Leadership.

Eddie is now invested in working with the BSME membership in developing our networks with other accrediting bodies and international schools associations, for the benefit of the students in our member schools.

BSME would also like to thank the following former Executive Committee Members for their years of service: Jan Brettingham, former Vice Chair and Accreditation lead, and Wendy Bataineh, Events Lead. Both Jan and Wendy gave freely of their private time to ensure that BSME functions like the well-oiled machine that it now is. Thank you for your dedication and contribution to BSME.

Child Protection Training at International Schools: The Differences

No matter if you’re new to working in international schools, or have a wealth of experience; the safeguarding of your students is always a priority.

EduCare (the UK’s leading provider of Safeguarding and Duty of Care training courses) and BSME work together to offer high-quality, effective online safeguarding training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to our member schools.

This guest blog, written by EduCare, should help to inform you why safeguarding training is so important at international schools — and why it can be more complicated, too.

The International Relevance of Safeguarding Training

Regardless of where you teach, promoting child welfare is always vital. It’s what you promote and how you promote it that varies. You must remember to be considerate of the cultures and traditions that exist around you. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the school to have working practices for safeguarding its students — and you must make yourself familiar with these policies before you begin working there. In addition, researching the country/region in which you are teaching should be obligatory.

Unfortunately, not all systems laid down to protect students are as thorough, up to date, or complete as they need to be. The nature of international schools (with higher staff turnover and multi-national locations) makes safeguarding harder, but these complications can provide us with a lesson to learn and a way to improve our profession.

The Complications for Child Protection Training

Child protection training is certainly more complicated at an international level. Every country has its own view of what constitutes ‘welfare’. There may be standards to keep, but that can’t always protect a child.

For example, while teachers in the UK will all be trained in the government’s Prevent strategy, is this still relevant when teaching in other countries? Can you still protect your students from radicalisation in alignment with the national laws of that country? Would that country define ‘radicalisation’ or ‘terrorism’ in the same way that the UK does?

EduCare can help

EduCare’s online child protection courses will show you how to help if you feel there is something wrong at your school or in certain situations. Just remember to trust your instincts, but to always ask about a situation before acting upon them.

Content tailored for an International audience

Safer Recruitment for International Schools and Child Protection for International Schools are both included in the bestselling EduCare for Education® online learning service which combines up to 20 different Safeguarding and Duty of Care training courses, such as Online Safety, Use of Reasonable Force and Preventing Bullying, into one cost-effective bundle.

All BSME member schools receive a 10% discount off EduCare for Education® - go to www.educare.co.uk/BSME or get in touch to find out more

BSO Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

Those of you that are BSOs should have heard already about the use of the new BSO emblem and other matters. Others will not have done....

At the BSO Conference in Hong Kong, Jackie McHanwell, a Deputy Director at the DfE, announced that all schools that had reached at least a satisfactory standard in a BSO inspection, within the last three school years, may display the BSO emblem on their websites and in publicity material.

The logo is based closely on a design submitted by BSME more than three years ago. Penta International assisted with a modification. Instructions for obtaining the image file are available from Mark Evans at Penta.

The Conference also saw the launch of The Association of British Schools Overseas (AOBSO). This aims to be complementary to BSME, COBIS, FOBISIA, LAHC and NABSS - a full listing of aims will be distributed soon.

BSME is involved on the committee that will work to ensure that the framework of the new organisation is one that will ensure that the aim of complementarity is achieved.

I am chairing the development / steering group, along with Craig Halsall (Kazakhstan ), Kate Fuller (Malaysia ), Stuart Dennis (Egypt) and Siobhan Doran (Kuwait).

BSOs will soon be able to join AOBSO through a Web portal. This will allow each school to submit and maintain a page dedicated to the school.

In the meantime, if you are interested in being a member right at the the start of this important development, which is welcomed by DfE, then email enquiries@bsme.org.uk so that I can register you as a founder member and keep you in touch with developments.

There will be no fees for the first year of operation. Members will decide on future fees at the next Annual Conference, which will be in London next November.

The idea is, however, to remain "lean and mean", with low overheads. It will be very much a peer-to-peer network of senior leaders and their schools, together with a lobbying role focused solely on BSO issues.

I would encourage all BSOs in membership of BSME to join AOBSO ....the two organisations, plus COBIS, FOBISIA, LAHC, and NABSS will be a formidable voice for BSOs and all good overseas British-style schools.

Happy Christmas everyone ... and a wonderful New Year!

Ed Goodwin OBE

Members Profile and Contacts Update

Welcome back BSME members.  If you haven't done so already please update your profile and contact details on the BSME site.   If you have had staff changes over the summer it is important your contacts have been updated, particularly: Principal/Head, BSME nominated contact, STC, PE, CPD.  Please contact admin@bsme.org.uk if you need help with your username and password. 
Many thanks,
Lisa Kirkley
Membership and Communications Officer

FLIPCON MIDDLE EAST - Flipped Learning!

Don't miss out on attending this exciting BSME CPD Course.....

FLIPCON MIDDLE EAST - Flipped Learning

Reach Every Student in Every Class – Every Day

20-22 January 2015

The Trainers

Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams are considered to be the pioneers in the Flipped Class Movement. Jon & Aaron are co-authors of the books, Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day and Flipped Learning – Gateway to Student Engagement. They believe educators should ask one guiding question: What is best for my students in my classroom?

The Programme

Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day: Come learn from Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams as they take you on their journey from lecturer to flipped class pioneers. Learn how teachers can talk to every student in every class every day creating a learner centered, inquiry driven, problem solving classes. Begin to transform your classroom by asking one critical question: What is the best use of my face-to-face class time? With guided coaching, this workshop will help you flip an instruction, a lesson, a unit or a course – based on your comfort level.

Explore the 4 Pillars of the Flipped model: Flexible Environment, Learning Culture, Intentional Content, and Professional Educator. Understand the complete process of starting with Flipped Classroom, and graduating to Mastery Learning (student-centered, competency based mastery), where students are responsible and accountable for their own learning.

Book Online Now :


In order to book places on any course, you must be signed in. If you are not a BSME Member, you can register with us to create an account (registration approval is required). If you are a BSME Member, please contact your Principal/Head for login details.


Free Marketing Webinars...sign up now!

BSME are delighted to announce the upcoming Marketing Webinars presented by our Associate Member School Website. With a host of topics including #‎ContentMarketing‪#‎SEO‪#‎WebDesign‪#‎SocialMedia and more, sign up today via the link below.

The first webinar is on September 9th and discusses 10 tips for digital marketing success. Don't miss out!


Members Area : Conference 2015 Programme

Dear Members,

The 2015 Annual Conference microsite has been updated with the Conference Programme (version 19/11/2014) and Conference Speaker Profiles.

Please login to the Website (www.bsme.org.uk) and navigate to the Members Menu > Start Here > 2015 Annual Conference or click on the below link :


If you have any Member login queries please contact Lisa Kirkly via admin@bsme.org.uk.

Best wishes,

The BSME Team

BSME : Telephone Number Change

Dear All,

The BSME office number has changed. This is effective immediately:

(+973) 17798400

CPD : Ann Hearn and Sam Fraser can also be contacted on mobile number (+973) 39997125

Kind regards,

Lisa Kirkley
BSME Admin

Education Investment MENA (10-13 Nov 2014, Dubai)

EdTech Seminars

Please see below link to view details about the free to attend EdTech Seminars which will be held along with the Education Investment MENA conference on 11 and 12 November.

These 14 free to attend seminars will host open, honest discussions about the challenges facing teachers with integrating edtech, and provide 14 simple strategies for improving learning experiences. The main objective of these seminars is to teach simple ways to enhance the outcomes of teaching with technology in the classroom.

They are designed for anyone involved in technology integration – Principals, Heads of Curriculum, Heads of Key Stage, Technology Integration Specialists and Teaching Staff.

And they are completely free to attend!


Education Investment MENA Press Release


Education Investment MENA conference in Dubai highlights opportunities for educators, entrepreneurs, investors and education businesses

Dubai, UAE, 27 October 2014: The education sector in the Middle East and North Africa must pay more attention to capital efficiency and innovation rather than rely on incumbent models of learning services in order to keep up with the rest of the world, says a leading education technology expert.

Please download the full version of this press release by clicking on the below link :

Download Education Investment MENA Announcement word 20KB

Welcome to new CPD Staff

Message for the Chairman of BSME :

I am delighted to announce the appointment of our two new CPD staff, who will be based in Bahrain.

Ann Hearn is the new BSME CPD Coordinator and has started work this week! Ann possesses an honours degree in Economics and Management; a PGCCE and an MSc in Human Resource Management and Training. Since the late 1990’s Anne has enjoyed a varied career in Bahrain as a lecturer; a trainer and consultant and as a senior manager for the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Programme, initiated by HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Alkhalifa.

Sam Fraser will join Ann on 17 May as Assistant CPD Coordinator. Sam has an honours degree in Arts and Social Sciences as well as a clutch of qualifications in accounting, financial services, TEFL: he is also a qualified fitness instructor. Sam has worked as a civil servant and as an administrator in the retail world; he has also been employed as a Senior Recruitment Consultant.

Both Ann and Sam will be working hard to build up the programme aided in this process by the BSME CPD Committee (Mark Leppard (Qatar, but Abu Dhabi from September), Glyn Kilsby (Dubai) and Ann Gurnett (Kuwait). We will be meeting in Bahrain, with Ann and Sam, to determine long-term vision, strategy and 2015 – 16 targets.

The CPD Committee and I are very much looking forward to working with Ann and Sam and am sure that they will be a potent duo! As part of our plans for the future, we envisage that CPD staff will travel extensively; this is so that they can meet with more heads and ensure that the CPD offerings accurately reflect what heads will commit funds to.

One of the two CPD employees will focus very much on the UAE, with its large contingent of BSME schools and may become the single point of contact for heads in that country.

Please give Ann and Sam your support and encouragement as they take over the reins of this highly important part of BSME work.

Ed Goodwin OBE
Chairman, BSME

Member 2015 Annual Conference Booking Forms

Dear Members,

The 2015 Annual Conference and hotel booking forms can now be accessed from the Members Area of the Website. Please login and navigate to the Members Menu > Start Here > 2015 Annual Conference or click on the link below:


Conference information will be posted on the microsite as details become available.

Please contact website@bsme.org.uk if you have any login queries.

Best regards,

The BSME Team

Member News : Modern English School Cairo

Celebrating the very best of British Education

The pomp and ceremony of a British Embassy event is always a privilege to experience.  Even more so when the reason for the occasion is to celebrate the outstanding achievements of students in their Cambridge International Examinations.  Mr Kirby, Mrs Singleton and Mrs Clingan, along with proud parents of award recipients, had the pleasure to attend the British Council Award Ceremony for CIE Exam High Achievers on Tuesday 10 March 2015.  The auspicious event was hosted by the British Embassy at the palatial residence of his excellency, Mr John Casson HMA, British Ambassador to Egypt.  Pertinent addresses were delivered by the Ambassador himself, as well as Mr Mark Stephens, Director of the British Council Egypt.  The Chief Executive of Cambridge International Examinations, Mr Michael O’Sullivan, timed his visit to Cairo to coincide with the occasion and to personally congratulate the students being recognised; his words of wisdom were particularly inspirational.



His excellency, Mr Casson, Mr Stephens and Mr O’Sullivan all spoke of Egypt’s bright future in the hands of the young men and women who were being recognized as top achievers in their CIE exams, as well as the internationally reputed rigor and standard of a British education.  Parents were commended for guiding students to their success by opting for such a robust curriculum.  Schools were applauded for ensuring excellent pedagogical standards and support of their students.  Mr Stephens acknowledged that students achieving outstanding results reflected their own capabilities alongside the evident quality of their school.  With that said, it was with enormous pride that we then applauded the efforts of award winners as they crossed the stage to collect their certificates and medallions.


As in previous years, Modern English School Cairo stood out amongst the schools represented not only because of the sheer number of awards won by our students, but because of the auspicious categories in which they earned accolade.  To perform top in a subject, nationally or globally, is no mean feat; it is a tremendous accomplishment to know that you did better than anyone else.  MES Cairo students were recognized for outstanding achievement in the following categories:

IGCSE First Language English

Top in Egypt

Ahmed Leithy Mohamed Leithy


AS Level Business Studies

Top in Egypt

Dunia Hisham Ahmed Wasfy Mohamed


AS Level Chemistry

Top in Egypt

Nader Nabil Adly Raafat


IGCSE History

High Achievement

Salma Sherif Farouk


AS Level Art and Design

High Achievement

Nour Jaouda


AS Level Economics

High Achievement

Marwan Ahmed El-Hosseiny


IGCSE Design & Technology

High Acheivement

Zubaydah Ladan Jibrilu


AS Level History

High Achievement

Malak Maurice


IGCSE Economics

Top in Cairo

Nour Ahmed Bahaa-El-Din


IGCSE English Literature

Top in Cairo

Yasmine Amgad Amin Ahmed El Shaer


AS Level Mathematics

Top in Cairo

Nader Nabil Adly Raafat


Even more impressive: a true reflection of our school’s mission and the importance we place on a broad and balanced education, MES Cairo students dominated the Award categories that recognised consistent performance of the highest caliber across multiple subject areas.  Sustaining excellence in a range of disciplines, and to the highest level, is a phenomenal achievement, and clearly what MES Cairo does best.  We have sustained dominance of these award categories over the years, with this one being no exception:

Best across 7 IGCSEs

First Place

Salma Sherif Farouk


Best across 7 IGCSEs

Third Place

Aalaa Wael Yassin


Best across 8 IGCSEs

First Place

Ahmed Leithy Mohamed Leithy


Best across 8 IGCSEs

Second Place

Nour Ahmed Bahaa-El-Din


Best across 8 IGCSEs

Third Place

Sousanna Hakim Lamie Hakim


Best across 3 AS Levels

First Place

Nader Nabil Adly Raafat


Best Across 4 AS Levels

First Place

Marwan Ahmed El-Hosseiny


Best Across 3 A Levels

Second Place

Sameh Tarek Massoud




The students who achieved these awards are remarkable young adults and each is a true credit to our school.  They are known not only for their academic capability, but also for their significant contribution to the school in sporting, cultural, creative and/or service capacities.  In each of them we see reflected the MES Cairo Graduate Profile, as well as the hope and promise of very successful and worthwhile futures. 

Well done teachers, parents and classmates for supporting the success of each student who earned recognition…and to those individuals listed above, please know that we could not be more proud of you and your achievements.


Mrs. N. Singleton – Principal, British and IBDP Sections

BSME Key Notes 34 & Annual Supplement

School Members Access Only

Please login to www.bsme.org.uk and navigate to the Key Notes page in the Members Menu to access and download the BSME Key Notes (Number 34) and Annual Supplement for 2014-15. A direct link to the BSME Key Notes page is below :


Member News : British School Alexandria

The Senior School London Trip 20 – 26 February 2015

Over half term Mr Ford, Head of Lower School, organised a trip to the UK supported by Ms Bhayat, Mr Morris and Miss Nada. The 30 students and teachers enjoyed an excellent trip and have return tired but ‘buzzing’ with excitement about their experiences in England. Mr Dennis, Principal CEO, met the students at Radnor House School, Twickenham, London which is hopefully the beginning of a long term link for The British School with a very good independent school in England. Many thanks indeed to all colleagues for their total commitment and hard work to make this happen for the students. Congratulations to the students for representing the school, themselves and their families so well.

The trip to London was a resounding success and we believe all students had a fantastic time that included skiing, snowboarding, carting, archery, Billy Elliot, Thriller, the Sea Life Centre and the list goes on and on. Friendships were built, relationships between staff and students were developed and the cultural and educational benefits to the students will be of huge benefit to them. The highlights were to see students reaching the top of the climbing wall, the carting and of course winning the debating at Radnor House. Mr Ford intends for the trip to be an annual event. Enjoy the photos!




BSME 2014-15 Directory PDF Available to Download

BSME are pleased to announce the launch of the PDF electronic version of the 2014-15 Directory. Please follow the link below to download a copy :

BSME 2014-15 Directory 9.3MB

Assessment Only Route to QTS & NQT Induction

Dear Colleagues,
Some of you may have been contacted by an organisation claiming to be the only body that can offer the Assessment Only route to QTS: this is an inaccurate claim!
Our long-standing Associate Member: The Buckinghamshire Learning Trust, were first (to my knowledge) in this field and, this being so, it gives me pleasure to forward the following email and attachments to you.
I would also draw your attention to the well-established NQT induction programme that the BLT offers: their cost per candidate is, I think, the lowest of any providers of this service!  One of the attachments below covers this area.
With best wishes,
Ed Goodwin OBE

BIS May/June 2014 Article : NQT Induction

A teacher can now serve their NQT induction in certain British Schools overseas. Ed Goodwin explains why this represents a beneficial opportunity for both parties and outlines the details of this relatively new initiative. (British International Schools Publication, May/June 2014, Pages 30/31). The full article can be downloaded by clicking on the below link:

NQT Induction Article : British International Schools Publication - May/June 2014 P30/31 PDF1.12MB

For more information about British Schools Overseas (BSOs), please navigate to the BSO section of the BSME Website : British Schools Overseas (BSOs) Introduction

BSME : Period Between BSO Inspections

Dear all,

In conversation with the DfE, it was agreed that I should clarify the following matter.

There has been some confusion recently, in emails from one or more bodies and elsewhere, about the maximum length of time permitted between BSO inspections, such that BSO status does not lapse.

I contacted senior officials within the DfE to query this and have received confirmation of my understanding of the situation, which can be summarised as follows:

For a school to continue as a BSO, with no break in this status, the school must successfully undergo a BSO inspection not more than three academic years after the last successful BSO inspection visit.

An example will make this clear:

A school that wishes to retain unbroken BSO status and which was inspected, say, in November 2011 has to be re-inspected before the end of the academic year 2014-15.

The confusion arose because some had assumed that the period was three calendar years - in which case the school referred to would have had to be re-inspected by November 2014.

The period between inspections is one aspect that schools and BSME will be able to comment upon when the DfE begins its consultation on revisions to the BSO inspection standards.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is need for further clarification.

Whilst writing, I would note that 40 schools have now signed-up for AOBSO .... I hope that this email might prompt some more BSME schools to join!

With best wishes,

Ed Goodwin OBE

Successful Conference Charity Night!

BSME would like to thank all those who attended the BSME Annual Conference Charity Evening on 5th February, which was organised by Maureen Chapman and Sophie Fairbank from the Pearl Primary School in Abu Dhabi; it was another successful and fun event. In addition, a huge thanks to those who donated prizes for the evening. As a result of everyone’s generosity, we are pleased to announce an amazing 14,575AED was raised.

The monies raised were donated to the Special Care Centre in Abu Dhabi, which provides education for children with downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and other special needs. The centre was extremely grateful and requested we extend their thanks. The centre is currently working towards a fund raising goal of 25 million dirhams, which will be matched by Sheikh Mohammed in order to finance a new school facility. It is such a deserving place, so thank you once again to those who attended, donated prizes and Maureen and Sophie for hosting a fabulous event.

A thank you note from the Special Care Centre  PDF392KB

Thank you to all our sponsors and gift providers:


Doha College BSO & BSME Inspection Success

Independent inspectors and accreditors from British Schools Overseas (BSO) and British Schools in the Middle East (BSME) carried out a joint inspection and accreditation at Doha College recently.

Six independent inspectors reviewed the quality of education and the standards of teaching and management at Doha College and provided a formal report on their findings.

"I am delighted that the college has been acknowledged and praised by the UK government as an outstanding school. The college has again been recognised for its excellence and inspectors commented on the outstanding quality of education at the college. We have highly dedicated staff who work tirelessly to provide learning experiences for our students who are creative and challenging as well as having lots of fun and enjoyment too. I am particularly pleased that inspectors have also recognised the outstanding quality of our students for their maturity, commitment and passion for all they do at Doha College."
- Mark Leppard, Principal of Doha College

Download Doha College Press Release  PDF289KB

MEMBERS : 2014 Conference Survey Results

Dear Members,

Please login to the BSME Website to view the 2014 Annual Conference Survey Results.

Either navigate to the Annual Conference section in the Members' Menu or click on the link below:


Many thanks,



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