Child Protection Training at International Schools: The Differences

No matter if you’re new to working in international schools, or have a wealth of experience; the safeguarding of your students is always a priority.

EduCare (the UK’s leading provider of Safeguarding and Duty of Care training courses) and BSME work together to offer high-quality, effective online safeguarding training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to our member schools.

This guest blog, written by EduCare, should help to inform you why safeguarding training is so important at international schools — and why it can be more complicated, too.

The International Relevance of Safeguarding Training

Regardless of where you teach, promoting child welfare is always vital. It’s what you promote and how you promote it that varies. You must remember to be considerate of the cultures and traditions that exist around you. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the school to have working practices for safeguarding its students — and you must make yourself familiar with these policies before you begin working there. In addition, researching the country/region in which you are teaching should be obligatory.

Unfortunately, not all systems laid down to protect students are as thorough, up to date, or complete as they need to be. The nature of international schools (with higher staff turnover and multi-national locations) makes safeguarding harder, but these complications can provide us with a lesson to learn and a way to improve our profession.

The Complications for Child Protection Training

Child protection training is certainly more complicated at an international level. Every country has its own view of what constitutes ‘welfare’. There may be standards to keep, but that can’t always protect a child.

For example, while teachers in the UK will all be trained in the government’s Prevent strategy, is this still relevant when teaching in other countries? Can you still protect your students from radicalisation in alignment with the national laws of that country? Would that country define ‘radicalisation’ or ‘terrorism’ in the same way that the UK does?

EduCare can help

EduCare’s online child protection courses will show you how to help if you feel there is something wrong at your school or in certain situations. Just remember to trust your instincts, but to always ask about a situation before acting upon them.

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