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Sophie Phillips (Senior Educational Administrator)




Kevin Conway House

Longbow Close

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire



Alps provides both end-of-year and within year analysis for schools and colleges at KS4 and KS5. Alps is founded on the principle that students and staff should aspire to match or exceed the achievements of the top 25% of students nationally.

Our multi-level analysis including whole school, department, subject, teaching set, tutor group and student level, plus other useful cohorts such as ethnicity, gender or disadvantage, as well as custom groups. We also provide group-wide analysis. By using our simple colour coding, grading and thermometer tools, we provide an accessible, common language to discuss strategies for

In 2018, we launched our free data upload service Connect Data, allowing for instant access to your report as soon as you have uploaded your data. Furthermore, with Connect Interactive, not only can you analyse your end-of-year data, but you can track, monitor and influence your students' progress throughout the year. Connect Interactive is designed to be accessible to all staff, promoting discussion and inclusion at all levels in order to improve the outcomes of their students.

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