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Charanga is the world's leading platform for music teaching and learning. Over 8,500 schools and 30,000+ teachers across 62 countries use Charanga on a daily basis with over 2 million children every week enjoying Charanga-supported music lessons. It's the resource of choice for schools wishing to equip pupils with modern, relevant music skills and a deep understanding of the principles of music.

The Charanga platform provides all teachers with a single, easy-to-access source of high-quality, authentic music materials, and in-depth teaching support that covers all their teaching needs. The interactivity of the materials ensures children are motivated whilst support for personalised lesson and course building, and integrating teachers' own materials, enables teachers to adapt materials to the needs of the children in front of them and to the wider ethos of the school. Teachers tell us that Charanga saves time and enables them to concentrate on teaching.

It's online, always up to date with new resources and best practice music teaching advice, and its community provides teachers with a connection to colleagues around the world.

Why not get a 30-day free trial for your school: charanga.com/site/musical-school-trial or contact Marina Dussek on marinadussek@charanga.com for more information.

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