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Mohamed Afifi (Marketing & Communications Manager)

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Alef Education is a global education technology company based in the United Arab Emirates. The idea of Alef first came about in 2015 where it was conceptualized as a technology-enabled primary mode of education system to address the needs of the local public school system in the United Arab Emirates. From that concept, the company’s vision soon expanded to include digital educational transformation within the K12 sector globally.

In 2016, Alef Education launched a futuristic Microschool with a custom-made learning platform. In 2017, the Alef education system was successfully introduced to Grade 6 students at one public school in Abu Dhabi. In 2018, Alef Education was serving 10 public schools in UAE, two private schools in UAE and private schools in the USA. In January 2019, Alef Education launched in an additional 47 public schools in the UAE, bringing the total to 57 public schools and over 25,000 students. The company is continuing its rapid expansion and aims to serve more than 100 schools in 2019.

The journey of Alef Education has just begun and many breakthroughs and transformative approaches to the future of education, enabled by technology, are currently under development. Alef Education is committed to building engaged learning experiences for the 21st century learner.

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