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Tootoot is the award-winning anti-bullying and safeguarding software for schools. The software combines all aspects of safeguarding into one simple and effective app.

At tootoot we believe that wellbeing and academic attainment go hand in hand and have made it our mission to ensure all young people have the key to unlock the support they need to reach their full potential.

We have used our personal experiences of bullying to create an app that is trusted by over 15,000 teachers to enhance safeguarding processes in-school, making it easier for pupils to speak-up and feel that their concerns are listened to and properly resolved.

Tootoot has already saved lives, helping over a quarter of a million children since 2015.

-Tootoot is needed by students-
Tootoot makes it simple for students to report anything from bullying to a mental health concern. The simple-to-use app allows students to have confidential conversations with staff and provides a safe place for students to raise issues and concerns.

-Tootoot is essential for schools-
The software comes packed full of insightful reports that gives schools insight into their student’s wellbeing and enabling effective early intervention. It also builds detailed pupil chronologies that are used to manage and monitor specific pupil interventions.

Finally, the data supports the school’s senior leadership team – giving them a deeper understanding of trends within the school; strengthening the support and guidance they can give.

-Tootmood supports student wellbeing-
Tootoot’s tablet-based feature tootmood brings further benefits by giving schools the ability to measure the impact of their approach to wellbeing, safeguarding and anti-bullying. Simply ask a question and receive instant feedback to monitor the mood and wellbeing of your students, staff and parents.

For additional case-studies please visit tootoot.co.uk/case-studies

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